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GED (General Educational Development) test result will be declared after 2 to 4 week of written exam. The exam of GED is conducted in January month. You can get your GED score by inserting your GED test ID and date of birth. After that you will be able to check you GED test score for the latest GED Exam. The June 2014 Exam was conducted on 7th of June 2014. The result of June 2014 GED exam will be published here after 2 to 4 weeks from the exam ending date. The result is expected on 25th of June 2014.

GED June 2014 Result:

GED Score 2014So it is expected that the result of GED will be announced in February month. The GED test opens doors to college, better jobs, the respect adults deserve, and the satisfaction of earning a high school credential, support is available.

GED Tests results are confidential so it will not be given over the telephone to anyone. If candidates score at least 450 marks each of the five tests, then you will be issued on Ontario High School Equivalency Certificate. Candidates who are waiting for GED Results they can check their result from the official website.

Your performance on each of the five GED Tests is reported in two ways as standard scores ranging from 200 to 800 and percentile ranks ranging from 1 to 99. Both scores compare your results to scores earned by a recent representative national sample of high school seniors. Approximately 68% of all graduating seniors score between 400 and 600 on the standard score scale. Only 2% of graduating seniors score lowers than 300 or higher than 700.

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Here you can look for official website for more details: gedtestingservice.com

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  • Mr Kozma says:

    Just wondering what each question is worth in individual sections. I have some difficulty with essays aso really hoping the other questions can get me the score of 150 I need

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