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GED Test Schedule June 2014

The General Development Tests (GED) is a series of five examinations in the areas of language Arts (Writing & Reading), Social Studies, Science and Mathematics.

GED Test DatesĀ 2014:

GED Schedule Dates 2014The exams of GED are conducted 6 times in a year which is January, March, June, July, September and November month. In 2014, this exam will be conducted 6 times in a year. They are designed to measure the major generalizations, ideas and intellectual skills that are normally gained through secondary school.

Passing the GED Tests may require some preparation on your part. Some people prepare by taking classes or studying GED preparation books and other materials. Others are comfortable with simply brushing up on a few of the subject areas where they feel they need practice.

GED Dates 2014 :

Students who apply for the GED exam, they can view the official website. You can also get details from here:

Test Date Application Deadline
24 January 2014 3 January 2014
15 March 2014 14th February 2014
26 April 2014 28th March 2014
7 June 2014 9th May 2014
12 July 2014 13th June 2014
13 September 2014 15th August 2014
14th November 2014 17th October 2014

There are test schedule are given. Students who are waiting for GED Test Schedule, they can visit here and get complete schedule from here. GET Test schedule can be get from here. The official website to check about GED Test schedule isĀ gedtestingservice.com.


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